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Welcome at SPTS

Welcome at the S.P.T.S website. The short S.P.T.S stands for Stichting ter Promotie van het Traditionele Schip. Translated it would be: F.P.T.S “Foundation to Promote Traditional Ships”.

This website will tell you about the establishment and earlier organized events. We also inform you about our future plans. One of these plans are of course: going to New York with a fleet of Dutch traditional vessels in August/September 2009. We would like to tell you about the organization of the transport to New York and what to expect there.

A word from our chairman
“At a certain time the foundation was established by a small group of owners of Dutch traditional yachts. They shared the same passion: show the beauty of these yacht outside The Netherlands. I was introduced to this group in 1992, when they were searching for transport possibilities to go to Brest.
The passion and the enthusiasm of the board at that time, got to me. I gladly accepted the function of chairman in 1996. Previous chairmen were Sicco van Albada ( staverse Jol) en Combert Burger (Frisian Yacht) .

Now we are working on the journey to New York. We want to make it a spectacular event. I truly hope to be able to show New York citizens a big fleet of traditional vessels. And show them the beauty of our yachts.”

Jan te Siepe

Tjalk "de Tijd Zal Het Leeren"

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